Dispatches from Ladyblogland

The biggest news in ladyblogland was the curious incident of bell hooks labeling Beyoncé a terrorist. I’ve rounded up a reading least for your edification. Get all that plus find out how misandrist you really are in this week’s dispatches.


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Ladyblog Seeks Writers

Hello, you kings and queens of Tumblr, you precious deliverers of .gifs, bon mots and passionate arguments. 

Persephone Magazine is looking for some fresh writer blood to sass up our content and engage with our bookish and clever readers. Currently, we’re looking for the following: 

* Someone to cover International Women’s Issues

* Political writers from any country

* Humor writers

* Writers who do really cool things and can explain them well (from crochet to skydiving to running for office to anything else.) 

*Anyone else with a story to tell. (We are pretty full on Pop Culture writers, so we’re looking to fill other areas first before we bring on more PopC writers.) 

We only pay in internet hugs and vague promises of your own unicorn, but we can put your words in front of around 100k readers per week. Plus, we don’t care if you swear. 

As always, writing for P-mag is an equal opportunity opportunity, and we welcome writers from every background and experience to come give us a try. We provide support, encouragement and funny .gifs in an environment where every voice is valued, appreciated and listened to. 

If you’re interested, you can message me here on Tumblr, submit a Contact Form or email me directly (selena at persephonemagazine dot com) 

P-Mag’s Fabulous Friday Posts

Hello, tumblr friends! It’s me, Selena, and I will be your new Tumblrererer from Persephone. 

So far today, we’ve run the following pieces: 

Hattie is sick of summer, which inspired today’s Lunchtime Poll.

Linotte continues her awesome classic women-centered movie reviews with A Letter to Three Wives.

Sally shares all the news that’s fit to turn into a haiku

Elfity lays it down to Governor Haley.

SlayBelle is putting together the ultimate Buffy Marathons

Kym talks about work and life

Still to come, an introduction to the summer bracket, Ailanthus’ Cherry Crumble recipe, Sara H. will talk about not being afraid of getting older, Caitlin shares her love for One Direction, my SYTYCD recap (TEAM ELIANA and CYRUS!) and the weekend open thread. 

I hope you’ve all had a great week and are getting ready for a spectacular weekend. Here’s an absurd .gif, because I love you. 

Top 3 Posts From Yesterday That You Should Read

Since it’s Friday and you don’t feel like working anyway, here’s a few things to read this morning. 

Dr. Susan vs. Dr. Laura: Surviving Infidelity

Another week, another interesting set of beliefs by Dr. Laura. This week, we actually sort of agree. In the big picture. But the devil is in the details, right? The topic: infidelity. This is taken from Dr. Laura’s blog, which I would advise staying away from in general unless you have a strong stomach. Read more

Kelly, Brenda and Donna Invade Reality TV

For some reason, if you were an original, female cast member of Beverly Hills, 90210, you currently have a reality show. Well, unless your name is Gabrielle Carteris, but admit it — Andrea Zuckerman was never really one of the gang. Read More

"Before the Storm" by Melanie Clegg

What do you get when you mix Georgian England, pre-Revolutionary France, and Edith Wharton’s The Buccaneers? You get this

One of the best (or worst, depending on your personality) things about working as a therapist is that you always get to talk about ~*~feelings~*~.  Stressed out? Feeling a little sad? There is someone who cares. And that’s why tomorrow, for a training I am going to, I have to bring in a song that relaxes me when I’m feeling overwhelmed.  Then we will all listen to our songs and thing calming thoughts. There might even be some guided meditation!

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The phrase “guilty pleasure” gets thrown around a lot, whether it’s about loving America’s Next Top Model, a Ke$ha song, or eating at Taco Bell. P-Mag even has a slew of posts tagged with it. However, when it comes to the things that entertain us or otherwise make us happy, I say that there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. Nope. It’s time to re-frame our thinking. It’s time to own our interests.

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