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November 4, 1965: Dickey Chapelle, American photojournalist, is killed by a land mine in Vietnam. She was the first female war correspondent killed in combat.

From Wikipedia:

Despite her mediocre photographic credentials, during World War II Chapelle managed to become a war correspondent photojournalist for National Geographic, and with one of her first assignments, was posted with the Marines during the battle of Iwo Jima. She covered the battle of Okinawa as well.

After the war, she traveled all around the world, often going to extraordinary lengths to cover a story in any war zone. During the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Chapelle was captured and jailed for over seven weeks. She later learned to jump with paratroopers, and usually travelled with troops. This led to frequent awards, and earned the respect of both the military and journalistic community. Chapelle was a tiny woman known for her refusal to kowtow to authority and her signature uniform: fatigues, an Australian bush hat, dramatic Harlequinglasses, and pearl earrings.

Dickey was given a full Marine burial. Read more at the Dickey Chapelle Wikipedia page, or check out her biography, Fire in the Wind: The Biography of Dickey Chappelle.

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