This Week in Misogyny: Awards Show Edition

This Week in Misogyny: Awards Show Edition

New Yorkers, be sure to check out the recommended readings before hitting the voting booth in a couple weeks (you are voting in the primaries, right?) so you can be sure to vote for the feminist candidates, who aren’t necessarily the female candidates. We’ve also got updates on the misogyny of the Emmys, lots of terrible people, some disheartening studies (the one about Fifty Shadesreaders was…

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[Original publication date: July 11, 2013]

As some of our readers remember, we were sued this past winter, for copyright infringement. This summer, we made things right.

Here at Persephone Magazine, we take copyright seriously. We respect people who make things that weren’t things before, and we believe in giving credit and asking permission. We’ve slipped–and promptly been called on it–more than once. It happens, we’re human, and we’re usually able to come to a quick and mutually-pleasing solution when creators contact us. Some of them even became readers, so I’m confident we can be sufficiently humble and graceful when we fuck up. Reasonable people working together can get a lot done, and I’m pleased that many of the stories I’ve heard from fellow bloggers are similar, and not litigious.

We respect that copyright owners have the right to protect the works they create, and defend those works from those who would use them nefariously. We try not to be nefarious, it doesn’t hang right on us, and the editors repeatedly hammer our copyright CYA policies into the writers and contributors, to the point that they probably wish I would shut the hell up about copyright. (Kisses!)

The photo that ended up costing us $1500 was an entirely different matter. In January of 2011, we ran a handful of articles about my hometown, Indianapolis. (“The Paris of the Midwest.” ~Sally J., fellow Hoosier.) One of those articles contained a photo taken by a fella who just happens to live two towns over from me. Who also happens to be a retired copyright attorney. With a taste for filing lawsuits. Lucky us.

Anyway, since there were seventy co-defendants in the suit, there is clearly a demand for photos of the Indianapolis skyline, taken from the banks of the canal. Fortuitously, several of your editors and writers just so happened to meet up in Indianapolis this weekend. And we took a few pictures.

I’m proud to present to you, before we tag and upload them to every single creative commons/photo sharing/public domain site we can find, our replica of the photo that got us sued. And several others. Use them. Spread them around. Photoshop your name with David Tennant’s on top of them in hot pink and acid green. They belong to you, they belong to the world.

Indianapolis skyline from west bank of Indianapolis canal.

Welcome to Indianapolis.

We Try It: Getting Even [Original publication date: July 11, 2013] As some of our readers remember, we were sued this past winter…

Gif It to Me Baby: For When You Need More Middle Fingers

Gif It to Me Baby: For When You Need More Middle Fingers

[Original publication date: Feb 4, 2013]

Some days, two middle fingers just aren’t enough. Here are a few you can borrow! (more…)

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Persephone Pioneers: Issa Rae

Persephone Pioneers: Issa Rae

[Original publication date: Nov. 23, 2011]

Are you awkward? So is Issa Rae, and she is bringing it to you through her breakthrough series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. If you haven’t been watching Rae’s series, I would suggest tuning in right now. No, like now, shut down the interview, give an hour to ABG and then come back here. Seriously. (more…)

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I’m Not a Turkey Dinner: On the Commodification & Consumption of Indigenous Women’s Bodies

I’m Not a Turkey Dinner: On the Commodification & Consumption of Indigenous Women’s Bodies

[Original publication date: Dec. 2, 2013]

When, a few days ago, metal band Mastodon released their “controversial” Thanksgiving T-shirt that got them a lot of well-earned accusations of racism, I wondered how controversial it actually is at this moment in time to do what they did? (more…)

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P-Mag’s Ultimate Cocktails: The Russian Lit

P-Mag’s Ultimate Cocktails: The Russian Lit

[Original publication date: May 8, 2014]

Oh, I see you over there, Moscow Mules, with your vodka and fancy copper drinking vessels. Your existence is all well and good, but you do not contain the most magical of liquors: Gin. [ed. note: HELL YEAH!]


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